NVIDIA System Profiler (formerly Tegra System Profiler) is a system trace and multi-core CPU call stack sampling profiler, providing an interactive view of system behavior to help you optimize application performance. Available on Windows, Linux, or MacOSX host platforms and Tegra-based target platforms.

Linux for Tegra support is available under the NVIDIA Jetson Embedded Platform.

Download the latest version of NVIDIA System Profiler for Android in CodeWorks for Android. NVIDIA System Profiler is offered free of charge, but requires NVIDIA Registered Developer Program membership.

 Download for Android   Documentation 

Standalone NVIDIA System Profiler downloads are also available at NVIDIA GameWorks™ Download Center

Major Features

  • View system-wide application behavior (SOC, CPU, GPU)
  • Investigate CPU-GPU interactions and bubbles
    • Thread states, CUDA, OpenGL, and correlated GPU work
  • Optimize CPU algorithms and parallelism to keep GPU busy
  • Identify whereto transition to deeper GPU analysis tools
  • Performance enhancement and bug fixes

NVIDIA System Profiler 3.9 Release Highlights

  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes

NVIDIA System Profiler


To provide feedback, request additional features or report support issues, please use the Tegra Developer Forums.

System Requirements

Supported host PC operating systems:

  • Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Mac OSX (10.9
  • Linux Ubuntu v14.04
  • Linux Ubuntu v16.04

Supported target platforms:

  • Tegra K1/X1/X2 64-bit Developer Kits
  • Jetson TX2 Developer Kit
  • Jetson TX1 Developer Kit
  • Jetson TK1 Developer Kit
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NVIDIA System Profiler - Introduction

An introduction to the latest NVIDIA System Profiler. Includes an UI workthrough and setup details for NVIDIA System Profiler on the NVIDIA Jetson Embedded Platform. Download and learn more here.

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