3D Visualization for Discovery and Exploration

NVIDIA IndeX™ is a commercial 3D volumetric visualization SDK that allows scientists and researchers to visualize and interact with massive data sets, make real-time modifications, and navigate to the most pertinent parts of the data, all in real-time, to gather better insights faster. IndeX leverages GPU clusters for scalable, real-time, visualization and computing of multi-valued volumetric data together with embedded geometry data.

Key Features

  • Visualization — Accurate, high-quality data visualization, feature representation and annotation
  • Scalability — Interactive 3D visualization of big data and display at any resolution
  • Scene management — High-level scene description and management
  • Interaction — Infrastructure for the creation of rich visualization interaction techniques
  • GPU computing — High-performance volume visualization and analysis using the GPU
  • Extensibility — Flexibility and extensibility for a variety of application domains

NVIDIA IndeX 2.0

A new release of NVIDIA IndeX is being announced and demonstrated at GTC 2018. This new release, NVIDIA IndeX 2.0 is another leap forward for our real-time scalable visualization SDK and includes numerous exciting new features.

IndeX 2.0 Highlights

  • NVIDIA IndeX for the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) is a new cloud service for visualizing large data at any scale in realtime. Clients are able to pull the NVIDIA IndeX container and run the service against their own large-scale data giving them a unique interactive experience.

  • NVIDIA IndeX for ParaView Plugin container available on the NVIDIA GPU Cloud gives access to Kitware’s latest Paraview version that is now enhanced by NVIDIA IndeX 2.0. Researcher and scientist are able to pull the NVIDIA IndeX for ParaView Plugin container, run their workflows with Paraview, which is the defacto standard in HPC, and can benefit from the accelerated data visualization through NVIDIA IndeX.

  • NVIDIA IndeX’s CUDA programming interface for advanced visualization enables implementing novel user-specific techniques that can produce purpose-driven and high-fidelity visualizations of large-scale scientific data (see visualization of a Supernova in the "in action" section below)

  • DGX technology/NVLink optimized NVIDIA IndeX makes immediate use of the high-speed interconnect between GPUs (NVLink) for accelerating the large-scale data visualization process.

  • NVIDIA IndeX exploits the full capacity of OptiX to build the acceleration structure for visualizing unstructured meshes on the GPU. The faster building process of the acceleration structures makes real-time InSitu visualization of even complex data structures possible.

  • NVIDIA IndeX’s CUDA programmable data query operations enables accessing scientific for quantitative data analysis during the visualization process. While the visualizations of complex scientific data already gives a unique visual insight into and a good indication of the complexity of scientific data and the processes behind a data simulation, the ability to probe the data and gaining access to and analysing the real physical data (such as entropy or velocity) helps justifying the observed/visualized phenomena.

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IndeX in action
Supernova Research

Researchers from UC Berkeley, the University of Illinois at Urbana, and Caltech, used IndeX to interact and analyze an HPC simulation of a supernova. An HPC simulation of this nature takes about four months and generates over a terabyte of visualization data. Visually analyzing the data is the next big challenge, adding weeks to process and generate batch renderings - making it difficult and adding delays for researchers to gain insights. But with NVIDIA IndeX scientists and researchers can significantly accelerate their visualization pipeline with real-time feedback and interactive data analysis, giving researchers more time to analyze their data and gain better insights faster.

Tornado Research

Interactive 3D visualization of hundreds of simulated time-steps of an E8 tornado. The visualized database is In total 1+TB. NVIDIA IndeX runs on an NVIDIA VCA cluster and sends a video stream to a client-side viewer.

IndeX plug-in for ParaView

NVIDIA has partnered with Kitware to bring NVIDIA IndeX to ParaView. Data sets for computational scientists continue to grow from terabytes to petabytes. The IndeX plug-in for ParaView was developed to aid in the analysis and 3D visualizations of extremely large datasets.

NVIDIA GPUs are ideal for simulating large seismic data and ParaView’s comprehensive GUI simplifies multi-platform data analysis and visualization. The HPC community can now visualize high-quality renderings and interactive performance with native visualization functionality such as streamlines, vector plots, etc.

Plug-in Highlights
  • ParaView plug-in to fully utilize native visualization functionality such as as vector plots, isosurfaces, volume rendering, streamlines, etc.
  • GPU accelerated rendering of high-quality and interactive visualizations
  • Support for typical grid types, such as structured uniform grids and sparse volumes.

IndeX plug-in for ParaView visualizing database (1+TB) of simulated time-steps of an E8 tornado.

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