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Game Development - Apr 18 2019

In March 2018, Epic Games, ILMxLAB, and NVIDIA unveiled “Reflections”, a Star Wars real-time ray tracing cinematic demo running on a $60,000 DGX Workstation.

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Game Development - Apr 09 2019

We recognize it’s impossible to take in all of the GDC talks you want to see when you’re at the event. We’re here to help! We’ve just made all of NVIDIA’s GDC 2019 slides available to download in one handy place.

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Artificial Intelligence - Apr 08 2019

Machine learning algorithms are becoming increasingly good at solving all kinds of challenges, including complex, competitive computer games like StarCraft II

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Design & Visualization - Apr 02 2019

Epic Games announced the release of Unreal Engine 4.22. This update introduces early access support for a Real-Time Ray Tracer and a Path Tracer, optimized for DXR (DirectX Raytracing) and NVIDIA RTX series GPUs

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Game Development - Mar 22 2019

VRWorks Audio SDK 2.0 comes with support for NVIDIA Turing RTX GPUs and Optix 6 to provide more complex and physically realistic simulations targeted at professional use-cases.

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