All three generations of Jetson solutions are supported by the same software stack, enabling companies to develop once and deploy everywhere. The Jetson platform is supported by the Jetpack SDK, which includes the board support package (BSP), Linux operating system, NVIDIA CUDA®, and compatibility with third-party platforms. DeepStream enables developers to quickly build and deploy efficient video analytics pipelines on Jetson.

The Jetson Software Stack

NVIDIA JetPack SDK is the most comprehensive solution for building AI applications. It bundles Jetson platform software including TensorRT, cuDNN, CUDA Toolkit, VisionWorks, Streamer, and OpenCV, all built on top of L4T with LTS Linux kernel.

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NVIDIA L4T provides the Linux kernel, bootloader, NVIDIA drivers, flashing utilities, sample filesystem, and more for the Jetson platform.

You can customize L4T software to fit the needs of your project. By following the platform adaptation and bring-up guide, you can optimize your use of the complete Jetson product feature set. Follow the links below for details about the latest software libraries, frameworks, and source packages.

Download L4T for Jetson AGX Xavier, Jetson TX2 and TX2i, Jetson TX1, Jetson Nano,and Tegra K1 from the Jetson Download Center.

Learn about the latest L4T release for your Jetson device:

  • NEW! L4T r32.2.1 for Jetson AGX Xavier Family, Jetson TX2 Family, Jetson TX1, and Jetson Nano
  • L4T r28.3.1 for Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2i and Jetson TX1
  • L4T r21.7 for Tegra K1

NOTE: Use the JetPack installer to set up your Jetson Developer Kit with all the latest software, including L4T.

NVIDIA DeepStream SDK on Jetson is a collection of APIs and libraries to help developers build and deploy robust intelligent video analytics (IVA) solutions on the Jetson platform. The APIs and libraries are provided as Gstreamer plug-ins for ease of use.

This SDK on Jetson enables building complex applications that include image capture, encode, decode, inference using TensorRT, and much more.

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The NVIDIA Isaac SDK makes it easy for developers to create and deploy AI-powered robotics. The SDK is a collection of libraries, drivers, APIs, and other tools that will save you hundreds of hours by making it easy to add AI into next-generation robots for perception, navigation, and manipulation.

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Developer Tools

Learn about Developer Tools for the Jetson platform under Develop → Tools.